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Saturday, May 23rd, 2009 09:40 am
thank god, it's saturday.
got to go to the lab tomorrow, but today is free. yippie! :D
hopefully i'll gonna get my hair cut. also, i will go outside to hang out in the sun. it looks like today gonna provide some good weather. and in two weeks, i'm already off for my holidays! double yippie! to imagine i gonna be in new zealand for a month feels a little surreal right now. surreal in a very positive way that is. :D

i'm watching all the old "star trek - next generation" episodes again. although i really loved the recent ST movie, tv series wise, i always favoured picard over kirk. no doubt. however, in one episode, the little science nerd in me, was a little confused.
usually, when it comes to science, they try not to give some far fetched explaination for things, but try to stick relatively much to known facts. i mean, of course concerning starship technology or something like that they can say whatever they want, but i mean things which are known or researched about right now, in our time. for example, DNA is still DNA in the ST universe. they just tried to think in how far the knowledge might have been expanded and add some details, but the basics are usually untouched. not in the case, which confused me so much. in this scene data stated that human memory is preserved in the human DNA. and that is pretty far fetched, which i found was unusual for ST-TNG. that episode was from the early 90's and i'm wondering now if maybe there was a similar theory about the human memory at that time. it would be pretty weird though. and didn't last exactly long.
well, yeah. that much about star trek.

but talking about science, talking about work. i'm sort of TAing atm. i'm a tutor in a seminar series and it's quite fun, i have to say. our boss picked some nice topics for the students presentations and it's really fun to discuss them.
i never in my life want to become a teacher, but to do some TAing stuff is cool. i hope my boss lets me do some more of that in the future.

so, enough about blabla from me now. gonna get my hair cut now. :)
have a great saturday you all!

oh...i almost forgot. i have a invite code for dreamwidth left over. anyone interested in it?


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