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Monday, July 13th, 2009 02:35 pm
it's only been a week that i've been back from NZ, but stupid real life closed in on me so fast again, that it feels like NZ is ages ago and more then just a few thousand miles away. bleh. stupid real life. if you ask me, it's massively overrated.
though, on the plus side, the post-holiday blues didn't last long. roughly ten minutes last monday, cause being back in the lab that day, it almost instantly felt like i've never been away. (though, i have to admit, when i go through my pictures and see paul, i feel little blueish for a few moments. he was very sweet and nice after all.)
i think in the future, i gonna go for a few short holiday trips a year rather then one long vacation, as the holiday mood is obviously not exactly long lasting. so i could just as well go on shorted trips, but see more places that way.

anyway...not all is bad back in real life. georg is coming next weekend and i'm looking forward to it. should be much fun. :D

back to real life then.
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Sunday, July 5th, 2009 05:48 pm
back home. and it would be a plain lie to say i'm over-excited about it.
after the 30-hours-but-felt-like-1000-hours journey back to germany i thought i couldn't stand seeing another plane for ages, but right now i wouldn't mind hopping back on one to go to somewhere (somewhere like in sydney perhaps). well, definetly i'd rather be on a plane tomorrow morning then back to work. bleh.
also, it feels weird to be thrown into summer like that. i'm wildly confused that it's still not dark at around 6 p.m. and it's so damn hot suddenly.

the journey home was quite draining. on my way to new zealand none of the flights was fully booked to everyone had a comftorable amount of space to make themselves comfy. not so much on the flight back. everything was rather cramped. no fun at all. if i ever should fly down to new zealand again, i'd take a longer stop-over in singapore or whereever. no non-stop flight for me anymore, thanks very much. and i definetly take a longer break in sydney. i had like eight hours stop-over there and met up with daniel, whom i hadn't seen for around two years. it was really great. we basically walked around the city for a few hours, had breakfast at some over-prized cafe near sydney opera. fortunatly the weather was great, very sunny and windy, perfect for city tour. plus, it was great seeing him again. pity i had just a few hours. but well, at least a few hours, which is better then nothing.

so, i think i do some unpacking now and feeling sorry for myself not being on holiday anymore.
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Sunday, June 28th, 2009 06:24 pm
well, you can't say that greymouth lures you into the image of being some fancy hip place-to-be kinda city. not with that name anyway.
it's extremely windy here, however. i took a little walk to the sea (crossing all the not-so-very-fancy half rotten industrial buildings (depressing btw)) and was almost blown off my feet. i recognized that small towns try to come up with hip catch phrases - like "omarama - city of light & flight" or "twizel - city of trees"- to compensate the obvious absence of just basically everything. i suggest for greymouth something alike: "greymouth - the city that will blow you away" (or just forget about the 'away') or something along these lines. little detour via the north part of the south island is almost over. tomorrow i'll take the train to christchurch. looking forward to that.
especially since today a girl threw up two hours into our five hour bus ride in the bus. bleh. don't like buses anymore so much.

the north was nice. but man, i missed the mountains. i figured that today as the snow covered summits were finally visible again. i think i gonna miss the mountains too when i'm back in germany. *le sigh*

hope your all doing fine. :)
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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009 04:33 pm
i love new zealands trains. :D they have an open carriage completely without any windows or anything and it's awfully nice to have the window blowing by your face while you pass by some beautiful landscapes. i hope i can squeeze in another ride on the train. :)
and i totally underestimated picton. it's really really nice here. i thought of it more as just a station on my way to golden bay and i'm sorry for that. they have great walkways here, giving you great view over picton bay and marlborough sounds. beautiful, really.

however, tomorrow off to nelson.

PS: a year later, but i have to add that the picton backpacker was extremly creepy. not so much the place itself. the house was very nice, but beside me there were only two more people staying and both of them were super creepy. both of them basically warned me about the other and it was really the only time ever i thought about locking my door.
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Friday, June 19th, 2009 06:57 pm
car's fixed. thank god! i'd gone crazy, if we'd been stuck in oma-fucking-rama for another day.
now we're at mt cook, in some youth hostel and i'm finally watching 'pulp fiction'. i don't know what to think about me having to go to the other end of the world to finally watch this stupid movie.
mt cook is extremly beautiful btw. just stunning.
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Monday, June 15th, 2009 12:52 pm
we're in dunedin right now and as rita, with whom i'm road-tripping here, has an important appointment at the university here this afternoon, i found myself a little internet-cafe for proper updating.

so far, it's been great. the news said a blizzard is gonna hit dunedin and the south island tonight, which is not so great. but on the other hand, they're predicting rain ever since i landed and i haven't seen a rain cloud yet. so, let's see how the weather is tomorrow. if it's okay (meaning not too much snow on the roads) we're going to queenstown; if the weather conditions are frosty, we're going back north. rita doesn't want to drive into the mountains when it's snowing and i actually don't feel too comfy about it either. narrow, steep roads and all that. though it would suck to miss out on queenstown, but well, in case of doubt pro safety.

i won't be saying much about all the places we've been so far. that works better with pictures. and i took a lot of pictures. so, only a short update of the trip so far:

wednesday 10th
arthur's pass
castle hill

thursday 11th
rakaia gorge
paul's (rita's friend, he lives on a farm close to geraldine and he has a super cute dog)

friday 5th

saturday 13th
omarama (from now on, when i'm think "middle of nowhere" i'm thinking omarama. i don't know why exactly we ended up there, no idea.)

sunday 14th

and of course today, monday, still dunedin. and depending on the weather, tomorrow as well.

the road-trip thing is great. rita has a car and we're just driving, without any major plan, just roughly south and then sometime up north again. it's great. i love getting rid of any plans or any sort of schedule and time pressure. right now, this is exactly my idea of holiday.

okay, that's that. hope you're all doing well! see you
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Thursday, June 11th, 2009 03:56 pm
right now in methven (small town, somewhere on the cantebury plains) in some hotel to use internet. i can see mt. hutt from here.
road trip started yesterday going from christchurch to arthur's pass, via castle hill. but only as day trip. we're on our way to dunedin now, but we don't have to be there before monday. so, everything is very relaxed. and the weather is nice (sunny, a little cold). so everything is perfect. :D

hope you're all doing well.